Outspoken Jewish professor barred from Columbia campus — but administration turns blind eye to even bigger tent city springing up

University administrators turned a blind eye to the new protest camp — days after calling the NYPD to break up a previous protest and haul away the protesters.

Protesters on and around campus have been filmed making actively pro-Hamas and antisemitic statements — including one alleged student who held a sign suggesting pro-Israel demonstrators should be the next target of Hamas terrorists.

A Jewish Columbia student filed an NYPD hate crime report Monday saying that he was accosted and hit in the head with rocks by pro-Palestinian protesters on campus after he arrived with Israeli flags on Saturday night.

On Monday, many of the demonstrators who arrived at campus with Davidai to show solidarity with Columbia’s Jewish community were also turned away at the gates of the Ivy Leave school — though some with active Columbia IDs were allowed in.

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